Fingerprinting | 9 Reasons Not To Ignore Active Job Seekers Pt. 2


Fingerprinting | Judging a person by the small amount of information available on their LinkedIn profile is to unnecessarily narrow the options.

6. Passive job seekers tend to have outdated profiles

When a person is happy in their current role, they usually do not maintain an updated profile on LinkedIn or any of the job search sites.  Approaching someone with outdated information about their job history can waste time and resources.

 Passive job seekers are in control – because YOU called THEM

Negotiating a package with a passive job seeker starts with you, the employer or recruiter, on the back foot.  You called them so they know they have the upper hand. Landing a qualified person for the role who was recruited passively may cost more than landing a qualified person for the role who was recruited actively.  Same result, more money spent.

7. Active job seekers are ready to go – now!

When you’ve got a time-sensitive recruitment job, passive candidates are not your best friend.  You’ll destroy your reputation or hurt your business in the process of attempting to only recruit people who are currently happy in their roles and who may have lengthy notice periods.  If you need to open a new office in a new city and staff it with 20 employees, you should be prepared to consider active employees or you’ll never get it off the ground.

8. Passive does not necessarily equal ‘talented’

Theoretically, if someone searching for a job means they are untalented, someone who is not searching for a job must be talented – right? This is completely untrue and quite ridiculous.  There are plenty of deadbeat, uninspired and quite simply average employees quite happily sucking their current employer dry and getting through their regular 9-5.

9. Why does it matter how they got to you?

A great candidate is a great candidate.

Judge their ability to do the job not by how they arrived at your door but by how they have evidenced their ability to perform in the past, what that says about their future ability and how they respond in your interviews and questioning. These are greater predictors of their future success at your company than how their resume got into your inbox. -Recruit Loop

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