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BACKGROUND SCREENING | Employee and Tenant Screening


Employment Screening Alliance (E.S.A.) provides complete background screening services to ensure that businesses are hiring the most qualified person for the job. Every screening service that is performed is compliant with both state and federal statutes so you can be assured that it is handled with 100 percent efficiency every single time. In addition to employee background screening, we also provide the same services for tenant screening as well. Regardless of the type of organization you are, whether a profit or non-profit, we have the background screening services that will allow you to hire with confidence. Our industry leading expertise and rapid turnaround time will enable you to make the most well informed hiring decision possible.

Our background screening services include:

  • Credit Reports
  • Social Security Searches
  • Criminal Reports which include:  Motor Vehicle Reports, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Report, National Wants & Warrants, Nationwide Criminal, County, State & Federal Criminal Searches


Knowing that the person/people you are hiring are well qualified for the job is an integral component of the background screening process. This is why we provide multiple employee verification services. We give you the ability to know if a potential employee is as qualified as they or if they are an illegitimate candidate.

Our verification services include:

  • Education Verification
  • Professional License Reports
  • Employment Verification
  • References – Personal & Professional


We know that the medical field demands credentials that are not only valid, but also cleared by the many federal agencies that record them. In a time where concerns over information security and the confidentiality of patient privacy have been increasing among healthcare organizations, you cannot afford to let private information fall into the wrong hands.

We conduct a thorough search in the Fraud & Abuse Control Information Systems (FACIS) database, which further conducts a search of the sanction information that is taken by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), General Services Administration (GSA), as well as other federal agencies that provide reports of similar information.

What we search for:

  • Medicaid, Medicare and Other Federally Funded Program Violations
  • Fraud Convictions
  • Licensing Board Actions
  • Patient Abuse
  • Default on Loans that are Health Education Assisted

In addition to the healthcare related information that we search for above, we also provide organizations with full background and drug screening services. We screen and verify information from criminal reports to healthcare sanctions to credit reports so that we can best enable you to hire the right person.

Business Credits

When you do business with another company their business suddenly becomes your business. E.S.A. provides companies with key information regarding a variety of factors that may affect how you go about dealing with business partners, vendors and prospective clients. Whether you are trying to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors or thinking about expanding your company internationally, E.S.A’s detailed reports will enable you to make a well informed business decision that is in the best interest of your company. Our services provide information from both national and international companies, so you can learn about a company that is halfway around the world before doing business with them.

Some of the business information that we provide you with:

  • Bankruptcy Reports
  • Legal Filings
  • Corporate Information
  • Management Directory of Key Executives
  • Organizational Structure
  • Credit Rating Score
  • Professional Licenses

International Searches

When performing a screening on international criminal records we report any committed crimes that are equivalent to a felony in the United States. Any other offenses that do not carry as much weight as a felony are also reported as soon as they are found. We strictly verify the potential employee’s past education and employment records to see if they are aligned with the information the potential employee has given us.

For more information regarding E.S.A’s background screening solutions contact us at 866-830-3724.

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