Employment Screening | 8 Reasons to Hire a Graduate Pt. 2


Employment Screening | Compare this to a mature-age professional, who was likely at their previous job for five to ten years. They’re comfortable and content in their routine and network of coworkers and clients. They rely on the coworkers they have known and trusted for a significant time and this can be a roadblock to overcome. While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with extensive experience, the easy attitude and natural communication handling of a graduate can lead to a smooth transition now and months down the track.

6. New perspective

A new approach is probably what kick-started your business, so it only makes sense that to stay afloat you’ll need a fresh perspective. Luckily, graduates aren’t in the mold just yet. They form their individual opinions based on academic experience and knowledge, not the principles ingrained by the industry. They also have a habit of looking at decade-long systems and asking the question, why?

This outside perspective is an invaluable asset no matter your company size. Reinventing efficiency, communications and management is a crucial step in projecting your business growth. The professional world is changing, be ready to lead these changes.

7. No office politics

Nobody enjoys drama in the office. Okay, maybe some of you do. But for most of us, it’s stressful, upsetting and just plain annoying. Unfortunately, it can seem to be inevitable. The great thing about hiring a new professional is that they’re not caught up in conversations by the water cooler – they never been. Graduates won’t respond to the office politics in your business and remain untainted by rumors or peer pressure. Essentially, they’re hired without any problematic excess baggage.

Hiring an experienced professional does have its benefits. They know how office politics work and understand how to deal with them, but is it in a way that reflects the values of your business? When a stellar industry reputation faces ruin, it can become a different ball game altogether. Taking on a graduate can eliminate the risk of clashes and negative competition – they aren’t looking to step on any toes.

8. Great with technology

When four out of every five millennials own a smartphone, it isn’t hard to work out which age group is likely to be the most comfortable with new technology and digital communication. The younger generation is eager to get their hands on the latest gadget, trial the newest software and understand the trending applications. This can make them a potentially highly valued member of your team in the bigger picture.

Millennials may be, in part, more responsive to these advancements because they have grown up with them. Technology directly affects their standard and style of living. If they aren’t able to pick up a new piece of technology and have it down pat in minutes then they’ll fall behind. This isn’t a scenario unique to graduates, it applies to businesses as well. A young professionals’ natural affinity with technology could be the only thing standing between you and success in the fast-paced digital world. -Recruit Loop 


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