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Employment Background Check | Gen. Z | Clearwater, FL
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Employment Background Check | Generation Z Part. 3


Employment Background Check |   2. Showcase examples of integrity as you weave through communications

Without sounding arrogant, go ahead and toot your own horn, but express your righteousness as a responsibility, not a bragging right. Let the Gen Z recruit know that you will expect this trait from them as well, whether it be honesty or helpfulness. You’re not really “telling them what to do,” though, this is more of a precautionary tactic to let them know you’re not trying to trick them into anything or get involved in deceptive business practices.

3. Reveal your company’s social responsibility and community involvement

Dig around for the best example you have positioning your company as a true philanthropic organization. Let the recruit know that this is what they’re about to start contributing to. This is something that will be very important to them. Without a worthy cause, there may not be enough to keep their motivation long enough to complete a project, let alone stay on board for several years.

4. Show them what you’re really offering

Interview face-to-face when you can, or use video as opposed to phone. These kids are after in person communication, and will appreciate that they get to visually and physically experience a taste of the organization you represent. If you’re recruiting long distance, for example, video is the best way to create a hands-on experience. But, if you’re interviewing a Gen Zer who lives in your city, you’ll do best to invite them into the office for your meeting.

5. Consider retention while you are working on recruitment

As you have learned, these recruits aren’t necessarily the best candidates for long term employment at a large sized company. So, when you find serious talent in a Gen Zer, think hard about what might have to happen in order to keep them. Save yourself, and the applicant some time, and try to make the most of the predictions in store for these guys as they enter the worldwide workforce. You will need to take the expected turnover rates very seriously with this group.




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