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FINGERPRINTING | Validate an Identify

At Employment Screening Associates (E.S.A.) we understand that fingerprinting is an important step of validating that a person’s identity is what they claim it to be. The fingerprinting services that we provide to our clients allow them to feel confident about whom they are hiring. This method of screening is most commonly used by notaries, who validate the fingerprint impressions to be available for a variety of scenarios that require their use. Some scenarios where fingerprint impressions are required include, but are not limited to, background checks, employment purposes and legal documents.

Although fingerprinting is frequently used for combating crime, it is also used for just about every screening service. The reason it is such a vital source of identification is due to the fact that fingerprints never change, unlike a person’s hair color/style, eye color and weight that are subject to change at will. Fingerprints remain an extremely accurate, if not the most accurate, method of identification and will continue to do so for the wide range of professions and applicants that require this service. We are in compliance with the federal agencies that regulate fingerprint impressions to ensure the integrity of the fingerprinting services that we provide.

For more information regarding E.S.A’s fingerprinting solutions for the hiring process contact us at 866-830-3724.

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